Mack Chat 4/25/21 – Recap

By Steven Glassman Meeting began around 2:00 p.m. with nine people in attendance The following topic were discussed: ·         Pace of play -       This led to talking about baseball’s hitting, pitching, and rules evolutions. ·         “The Fred” and VBBA Conference reviews -       This led to talking about researching and writing about baseball history and its perspectives . ·         Oakland Athletics’ … Continue reading Mack Chat 4/25/21 – Recap

Coroner’s Jury and Bankruptcy: Aftermath of the 1903 Ball Park Horror

By Ed Morton Illustration : Maggie Barry; 8/11/1903 North American p 1 Maggie Barry was returning from an errand for her Aunt on August 8, 1903 when she joined a group of girls taunting two drunken men. One of the men grabbed her and she screamed.1  Illustration : Crash at Base Ball Park; 8/9/1903 p … Continue reading Coroner’s Jury and Bankruptcy: Aftermath of the 1903 Ball Park Horror

Mack Chat 4/18/21 – Recap

Here is the April 18, 2021 Mack Chat Secretary’s Report, from Steven Glassman: ·         The chat began at 2:00 p.m. with 10 people in attendance. ·         The following was discussed: -          On this date in Philadelphia Phillies history (according to the National Pastime website) (The Broad and Pattinson website was initially not working during the … Continue reading Mack Chat 4/18/21 – Recap

Connie Mack SABRDay 2021 Notes

Like the rest of SABR, the Connie Mack Chapter held the annual SABRDay meeting virtual. On Saturday, January 30, almost 40 members, guests and friends (including nine-year-old Jordan, the youngest participant and Bryce Harper) logged on for a day of talks leading up to the national presentations featuring Baseball Hall of Fame president Tim Mead … Continue reading Connie Mack SABRDay 2021 Notes