Mack Chat 9/5/21 – Recap

By Steven Glassman

The following below is the September 5, 2021 SABR Connie Mack-Dick Allen Chapter Secretary’s Report:

Chat began around 2:10 p.m. with three people in attendance:

·         Steven Glassman

·         Bill McClain

·         Jeff Watson

I was using last week’s Zoom link at the beginning of the chat, until new one was e-mailed.

I shared with Jeff what was discussed in the August 29 chat.

I told them that I would e-mail you to discuss about improving the attendance and suggest how frequent the chats should be held. 

We waited for about 30 minutes but no one else attended.

Chat concluded around 2:40 p.m.

The chat attendance since August 1: Eight (August 1) (Speaker), Two (August 8), Two (August 15), 13 (August 22) (Speaker) (Appeared on SABR Events Calendar and mentioned in “This Week in SABR”), Five (August 29), and Three (September 5).

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