Mack Chat 10/3/21 – Recap

By Steven Glassman

The following below is the October 3, 2021 SABR Connie Mack-Dick Allen Chapter Secretary’s Report:

Chat began around 2:00 p.m. with 14 people in attendance:

·         Rich Westcott

·         Steven Glassman (Chapter Secretary)

·         Harrington Crissey

·         Michael Peich

·         Matthew Whitehorn

·         Jared Frank

·         Jimmy Lindberg

·         Bill McClain

·         Seamus Kearney

·         Matt Albertson (Chapter Co-Chair)

·         Dan DiNardo

·         Rock Hoffman (Chapter Co-Chair)

·         Alex Cheremeteff

·         M Frank

Wescott talked about his book, Amazing Phillies Feats (Summer Game Books, 2021). His book can be found at the following link: Among the following topics discussed:

·         Some of the book’s stories, including Dick Allen, Jimmy Rollins, Ed Delahanty, Jim Konstanty, Danny Litwhiler,  Robin Roberts, Eddie Waitkus, etc.

·         Answered various questions about the 1950 Phillies, the season, roster (e.g. the pitching staff), and front office.

·         Recalled growing up and following baseball, including going to the 1950 World Series.

·         Talked about the state of newspapers, focusing the way baseball coverage has changed.

·         Also answered about his origin story about how he became a writer.

·         Answered questions about working with publishers and writers, including Sandy Grady and Allen Lewis.

·         Talked about some of his books and publications and its process, including Eddie Gottlieb, Biz Mackey, Mickey Vernon, Tales from The Phillies DugoutNative SonsPhillies EssentialsThe Phillies EncyclopediaThe Phillies Report, etc.  Westcott said that the reason why there has not been a Phillies Encyclopedia since 2005 because he has not found a publisher yet.

·         Answered questions about how Bill Giles and Bobby Shantz are doing.

·         Also talked about Ruly Carpenter.

Meeting concluded around 3:50 p.m.

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