Mack Chat 4/25/21 – Recap

By Steven Glassman

Meeting began around 2:00 p.m. with nine people in attendance

The following topic were discussed:

·         Pace of play

–       This led to talking about baseball’s hitting, pitching, and rules evolutions.

·         “The Fred” and VBBA Conference reviews

–       This led to talking about researching and writing about baseball history and its perspectives .

·         Oakland Athletics’ start of the 2021 season and its 13-game winning streak

–       This led to talking about a team’s philosophy and culture and…

1.    its farm systems. drafting, scouting, and developing players.

2.    organizational decisions that led to such Phillies teams as in 1915, 1950, the 1960’s, the 1970’s and 1980’s, 1993, and 2008.

3.    Major League modern examples include the Braves, Dodgers, Rays, and Yankees.

·         Rock was informed by Leslie Heaphy that Connie Mack Chapter will change to the Connie Mack-Dick Allen Chapter.

·         Philadelphia Phillies:

–       Players that were traded to better analytical teams.

–       Discussed about the team’s starting rotation and left and center field issues and possible solutions to these positions.

–       Also discussed the National divisional outlooks

·         Chapter Member Research:

–       Rock, who is working the Phillies’ 1930 Opening Day game (a 1-0 Phillies win), asked for research assistance about getting information about 1-0 games in Major League history.

Meeting concluded around 4:00 p.m.

On April 25 in Philadelphia Baseball history (according to the National Pastime and Retrosheet websites):

·         1933: Phillies shortstop Dick Bartell hit four doubles in a nine-inning games in a 7-1 win versus the Boston Braves at the Baker Bowl.

·         1978: The Phillie Phantic made his debut, replacing Revolutionary War-era mascots Phil and Phillis  The Phillies shut out the Chicago Cubs, 7-0.

Born on April 25 (according to the Baseball-Reference website):

·         Roy Parmelee, RHP (1907): 1939 Athletics.

·         Bobby Estalella, OF (1911): 1944-1945, 1949 Athletics. Grandson Bobby played catcher for the Phillies from 1996-1999.

·         Tex Shirley, RHP (1918): 1941-1942 Athletics.

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