Mack Chat 2/7/21 – Recap

We had a total of 16 members which is our largest group yet for a virtual gathering! We hope to have more in the future. The 2/7 meeting was unique in that we discussed baseball photographs in detail and did some amateur detective work. The first photograph we discussed was an image from the centerfield stands at Connie Mack Stadium, something of a very rare perspective. That image is below.

Dan showed us a bunch of images that a friend emailed to him. He has subsequently emailed those to several members. If you’re interested in viewing them, reach out to Dan via email or on our next Mack Chat.

Other items discussed were Bill Killefer (1915 Phils catcher) and the additional outfield seating in “Baker Bowl”. To our knowledge, no known staged image exists of Killefer and Alexander together, in uniform, while with the Phillies. Seamus asked if anyone had any images of the outfield seats at Baker Bowl. Those images are below. Each show the “hanging gardens” that once existed on the outfield wall. Fans were able to walk around the entire ballpark via walkway, on top of the wall, which connected the first base bleachers and left field bleachers.

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